Bird Spike Services

Bird Spike Services


We use Anti-roosting spikes to control bird maniac. This are often called as bird control spike or anti-bird spikes or spikes . It usually consists of a base with long needle-type spikes installed to control birds. It can be installed on the building roof, Domes, ACs, Curves, Lamp posts, Parapet walls etc to protect the premises from bird roosting. Practically it can be installed on any surface which can potentially roost birds. 

Building maintenance companies spend millions of rupees in dealing with problems associated with birds roosting. In many ways, they damage the buildings and structures. Let’s have a look at them in detail

Damage to Rooftop ACs: Birds and pigeons usually build nest around rooftop AC units. They also build nest around swamp air cooler and window AC units. This potentially increases the chances of transmitting the disease to the residents. Such structure typically allows the right amount of space to the birds to roost and build the nest. They within no time multiply and attract other birds by their scent and sound. 

Damage to Ventilation Systems: Birds usually roost and build a nest around ventilation space, sunroofs and chimneys. Due to this residents regularly face inconvenience and also compromise with their health. Because of nests sunlight gets blocked, the ventilation system and chimney get choked. These little things if ignored may cause severe problems in future. Thus, get your ventilation system covered with bird spikes Serivces and stay free from bird maniac.

Damage to Roofs: Birds dropping are highly acidic in nature and thus can severely damage the quality of any roof. With time, the acid in their dropping can eat away the concrete material and can lead to leakage in roofs. This can lead to the decreased life expectancy of the roof by half if get continuously exposed to droppings. Birds also build a nest around and in drainage pipes which leads to water clogging and damming. This ultimately leads to seeping of water through roof floors. Therefore it is important to protect your terrace and parapet wall with bird protection spikes ok bird control spikes.Bird Spike Services


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